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A group of crawling snails,knocking on the dream of outdoor ecological platform.

As always, we are close friends. Among us, Alex is in charge of management and products industrial design in enterprise, and has a young independent design team. Ryan is a typical internet entrepreneur. They are the pioneers with the rise of internet in China, formed their typical internet thinking, and turned to internet investing. Monica is focus on international trading all the time, and has been in this area for almost 10 years. Obviously, this calls for perseverance and interest. We gathered because an outdoor experience activity. It became our fulcrum and chance. We found that we can make the products much better to get the better outdoor experience. We established RANGER decisively, with evaluation of traditional international trade industry and analysis of production status, especially we researched the potential opportunities which can influence the outdoor experiences. We do not know what is the future will be like, even the crawling snails, with our perseverance, with our passion, with our innovation, we will be much interesting and difference.


Every difficulty will create a new form.

A recent report from MOFCOM shows that the products cost is increasing for “Made in China”, and competitiveness is failing. Fortunately the Chinese Government give us The Chinese Dream, and give the strong support on the social circumstance to pushing “Made in China” transfers to “Created in China”, “China Speed” transfers to “China Quality”, and “China Products” transfers to “China Brand”. Obviously, it conforms our ideals. In outdoor equipment area, factories in China is just a processing factories, and they are really not active on the capacity for innovation, and there is no unique brand representative.


Maybe we are the only company thinks like this.

With our ideal, we established Ranger in 18th/Mar., 2016. We set up the organizational structure rapidly. On the basis of traditional Sales Department, we set up our own Design Department, QC Department, Customer Service Department and Brand Operation Center. We own three factories with acquisition and cooperation, and invite all the best factories in China to cooperate with open mind and win-win thinking, the premise is they can pass our factory evaluation. With the product quality as our core, with the customers experience and value as our direction, we improve our products always, to update and optimize every detail from workmanship, product quality, production speed, package and transportation. To provide more product options and outdoor sports solutions.



What Else?

Keep your dream all life, because it might come true someday! Moreover, we are keep trying hard!
In the future, we will together with our factories, from choosing material to controlling production quality;
In the future, we will together with our operators, from products development to final products solutions;
In the future, we will together with our end users, from the most immediate feedback to customers experience and cost;
In the future, we will together with our teams, from our staffs to cooperators;
In the future, we will together with outdoor ecology system, that is our ultimate goal!

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